I've been thinking about routines lately. The value and conflict they bring to life.

I struggle with routines because I both want them and fight them.

I want routines so that I know if I am progressing. The problem is that I don't have clear goals associated with them to gauge my progression. The obvious solution is to make clearly defined, trackable goals.

This is another issue I have because I struggle with goals. Both making and maintaining them.

I fight routines because I don't want to get stuck in a rut that doesn't bring any benefits. Of course the problem here is that I am routinely stuck in a rut with no benefits. I have no goal to pursue and no routine to keep me on track so I become easily distracted.

This leads to me feeling like I'm floundering through life, drifting on the currents of whatever idea I'm thinking (or not thinking) about. The result is that I have a perpetual feeling of not going anywhere. Of being stuck.

I need to start working on SMART goals and tracking my progress while achieving them.

With that in mind, thst is my goal for today and tomorrow; to think of two SMART goals that I can work on. That I can pursue.