I've seen this animation of a river's changing path over time from Hindered Settling a couple of times now. And it is still an impressive display of the fluidity and power of Nature.

River Path Time

At first, I thought, that is was pretty cool that the Earth is always changing and Nature is forced to adapt to those changes. In fact, I still think that.

Now imagine there was a city by the curve that gets left behind by the river's changing path. How does the changing of the river's path affect citizens of that city? Infrastructure? Economy? Can the river be stopped so that it doesn't affect the city?

This is how human's affect and change nature. If there was a city, then civil engineers probably would have found a way to stop that river from changing course.

Nature wants to change because it is always changing because that is the nature of Nature. How then do people who are intent on Nature not changing fit into the natural world?