I thought I would be able to edit within Evernote pretty easily on my iPad Air with a Belkin keyboard but, I've found it a little difficult to do so far. Of course, this might be due to the learning curve of using Evernote with a Bluetooth connected keyboard, something I haven't done before today.

Though, simple things, like selecting a link to copy are a little difficult. On Android all I have to do is select one word and then I get an option to click which will selec the whole link. I don't see that option on iOS. I might be missing it in the settings somewhere but, I shouldn't have to dig into the settings to get to that option.

Typing on this keyboard is comfortable, if a little cramped. But, what do you expect from a keyboard case for a 10 inch table?

I will have to continue to use this setup to create and edit within Evernote to see if it will work as I get more used to it.