I thought I would be able to edit within Evernote pretty easily on my iPad Air with a Belkin keyboard but, I've found it a little difficult to do so far. Of course, this might be due to the learning curve of using Evernote with a Bluetooth connected keyboard, something I haven't done before today.

Though, simple things, like selecting a link to copy are a little difficult. On Android all I have to do is select one word and then I get an option to click which will selec the whole link. I don't see that option on iOS. I might be missing it in the settings somewhere but, I shouldn't have to dig into the settings to get to that option.

Typing on this keyboard is comfortable, if a little cramped. But, what do you expect from a keyboard case for a 10 inch table?

I will have to continue to use this setup to create and edit within Evernote to see if it will work as I get more used to it.

The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.

Good point.

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I enjoyed Batman vs Superman as a superhero movie. It was a little long, which I thought was due to Batman's back story.

There wasn't much to the plot of the movie. There was some effort to try to create a sense of mystery in the events unfolding but, Lex Luther is going to attack Superman somehow so you know the main driving force is going to have something to do with that relationship.

I could have done without Batman's back story because it didn't add much to the motivation of Bruce Wayne or Batman. We know how Bruce lost his parents when he was young. We know that Bruce turns into Batman to fight criminals. We didn't need to be introduced to it again. But, that is not the point.

The point is that I have an issue with critiquing a movie and saying that the Fundamental flaw is the director and NOT touching on anything about the story other than how the movie was shot. In his video essay, Evan Puschak does a good job of explaining why he thought the movie was flawed. It's a well put together essay, like all of his work. He makes great points about how Snyder sacrifices scenes that could increase depth in his characters to make moments that are designed to awe the audience. But, he doesn't say how another director would take the same script and improve the movie.

The fundamental flaw of a movie can be it's director. I am not arguing that. But, you can not critique a director's style as the flaw of the movie without talking about the movie, the plot, the character development, the acting, the dialogue, and everything else that makes up the movie. Because you are not critiquing the movie at that point, you are critiquing the director. As such your essay shouldn't be title, "Batman v superman: The Fundamental Flaw". No, it should be, "Zack Snyder: The Fundamental Flaw"

I mused that time is not only a river, but a river that constantly breaks its banks so you must flee from it as it covers everything behind your back, flee into the future, empty-handed, dispossessed, as the river obliterates your footsteps with each stride you take, each time you pass from one moment to the next."

  • Jens Christian Grøndahl

    This is a magical description of time.

July 15, 2016 at 05:36AM
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I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.

  • Walt Whitman

Indeed. I feel the same.

From the fantastic This Day in Baseball Tumblr comes this very interesting statistic.

In a match up of 300 game winners at the Philadelphia Baseball Grounds, the Phillies’ Tim Keefe beats Pud Galvin and the Browns, 2-0. The next time two National League pitchers with 300 or more victories will face each other will occur in 2005 when Greg Maddux of the Cubs beats Astros ace Roger Clemens 3-2.

It took 113 years for the National League to have opposing 300 victory pitchers face each other in a Major League Baseball game.

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I've been thinking about routines lately. The value and conflict they bring to life.

I struggle with routines because I both want them and fight them.

I want routines so that I know if I am progressing. The problem is that I don't have clear goals associated with them to gauge my progression. The obvious solution is to make clearly defined, trackable goals.

This is another issue I have because I struggle with goals. Both making and maintaining them.

I fight routines because I don't want to get stuck in a rut that doesn't bring any benefits. Of course the problem here is that I am routinely stuck in a rut with no benefits. I have no goal to pursue and no routine to keep me on track so I become easily distracted.

This leads to me feeling like I'm floundering through life, drifting on the currents of whatever idea I'm thinking (or not thinking) about. The result is that I have a perpetual feeling of not going anywhere. Of being stuck.

I need to start working on SMART goals and tracking my progress while achieving them.

With that in mind, thst is my goal for today and tomorrow; to think of two SMART goals that I can work on. That I can pursue.

I'm trying.

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Sometimes that is exactly what I need to see.

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Alessandro Sicioldr

Random reminder to always be kind to other people because you don't know what they are struggling with.

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